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Atsistamokon was sitting. He stood before him
for a moment, then he stuck out his hand and said:

clt seems that we cannot fight any more, now3
Atsistamokon; so I suppose we shall have to be

Atsistamokon took his hand, and said, CI suppose
we shall/

And that ended the feud.

A small group of friendly Crows had come up
from the Missouri River to attend our Sun Dance
that year. During the Cree dance that night the
chief of our band went over to the chief of the
Crows and asked him If he had lately seen what
we called the Okotoks Isahpo—the Stone Band of
Crows—our enemy. The Crow chief said that
they had just lately left them camping on the
Upper Missouri. Our chief then asked Mm If he
had seen or heard them say anything of a Black-
foot warrior named Roving Night Eagle who was
lost to us in our last fight with the Okotoks Isahpo.
The Crow chief said that they had told him all
about that fight, but they had said nothing of
taking a prisoner from the Blackfeet*

Our chief then presumed that Roving Night
Eagle must have been killed, and he notified his
relatives that he was dead.

The next day we had a warrior's funeral for
Roving Night Eagle. His wife and brothers
were presented with the finest horse In the tribe^